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Samo Colors

Catching up with the news – about one month ago I have release brand new Android application called Samo Colors. It is coloring app for kids. What I wanted to do was a simple and beautiful application without any distractions.

After many iterations I ended up with the interface where content itself is the UI. User navigates the UI by simple swipes, there are no buttons visible and it’s all focused on the illustrations. They are SVG based by the way and it means they are small in size and always perfect looking. If you are interested in more features, head over to microsite for and have a look.

Apndroid 4

With some delay, I am happy to announce new major relase of Apndroid, labeled with version 4. Beside bugfixes and new translations this release contains two major features – Holo theme and monitoring of connected apps.

As you can see, Apndroid now uses Android 4 default Holo theme. But not only on Android 4.x – the same look is used for all versions (Apndroid supports Android 2.1+).

Another new feature is the list of connected apps. Now you can quickly see which apps have open connection. For non-system apps there is also kill button on the right, but please note, that the system can start the application again.

With widget, notifications and plugins for popular profile apps, the Apndroid is now powerful extension for system mobile data switch. Why don’t you grab it?

Taking Android Snapshots From Command Line

If you make snapshots of your Android device’s screen sometimes, you might like following monkeyrunner script. It supports both the default ddms naming and also custom name that you can provide as parameter.

Finally you can wrap the monkeyrunner execution into shell script:

I am neither shell nor python guru, so if you can enhance it, let me know. For example, I am pretty sure one can manage to have everything in one single shell script but that would take too much time to me to find.

Ant With Colors in OS X Terminal

I have decided to try TextMate + Terminal + Ant combo for Android development. I am trying this to keep my Macbook Pro (and my complaining lovely wife) quiet while coding in front of TV. So this is post mainly for the future reference. Add following lines to .profile:

Reference: Mac OS X Terminal Colors Ant Colors

Game Dev Diary: Defining World

Since the latest update I had very few moments to work on the game. I made some refactorings to move away from prototype stage, but I spent quite some time thinking about how the game should look. I was thinking about the design, whether it should contain different visual styles for diferent levels, or what exactly is the single game level. So far I am planning 3 styles of game:

  • Words per minute (or characters per minute) record breaking
  • arcade mode with some bombs and few more surprises
  • multiplayer where you will write words for your opponent and shooting his words at the same time

It is not all well defined yet and I will have to keep it simple from beginning, because I really want to make the release one day, not just add features forever. I welcome all ideas and suggestions you may have.

I started to do some experiments with the look of the world and I came to the world of planes. I was thinking about objects that would allow naturally to paint words on them and plane’s wings seems like a good place. For shorter words I may use some balloons and smaller planes. I have already wowking nice parallax scrolling with earth and planes. I will add clouds below and above the planes too.

Of course, this looks ugly. Both planes and background are just dummy placeholders, but scrolling feels really good. For the beginning I used static bitmap with some circles, but today I was researching procedural generation of the landscape and clouds for more realistic environment. I have something working already, but this will require quite a lot of time. My hope is to have really good looking world there.