Groovy and Grails in NetBeans

Groovy and Grails support in NetBeans has been enabled on Development Update Center. What does it mean? In development build of NetBeans you can go to Tools->Plugins and search for 'groovy'. Then select found item and press Install. Don't forget to restart IDE to enable recognition of .groovy and .gsp files. What can you expect? Snapshots of functionality that we started to develop very recently. All is just at the beginning, but hopefully usable for those of you who like experiments. If you like Groovy and Grails and would like to help us, please file bugs and enhancements in Groovy category. If you are wondering how is this related to Coyote or Geertjan's Groovy plugin, you should know that most of the coyote functionality is already integrated here (only unittesting is missing) and comparing to Geertjan's this one should be more advanced once it is finished (Geertjan is aware of this, we drink coffee together sometimes :-) I'll describe single features in next posts and as they will come, but here is some overview what's in right now:

Don't forget to set Groovy and Grails homes in Groovy options category

Project wizards for Groovy and Grails

Grails project support (open existing or create new, wizards for some Grails components, run project)

Groovy project support (create, run project, execute script)

Groovy editor (basic coloring, formatting, bracket completion)

GSP editor (coloring, highlighting of GSP tags, expressions and scriptlets)