Update on Groovy and Grails in NetBeans

It's more then a month since I announced that we started to work on Groovy and Grails in the NetBeans. Maybe it's time to look at what's new since then and what are the next steps. Matthias Schmidt made enhancements in the Grails project support:

  • Grails components wizards
  • Grails shell
  • Setting port for embedded Jetty server in project properties
  • Setting active Grails environment in project properties

In Groovy editor Gopal Sankaran added keywords completion. I was working on some infrastructure tasks and tried to make first shots of some editor features. I made example of semantic highlighting (coloring of field declaration) and occurrences highlighting (for local variable). Now it should be pretty easy to add all other semantic highlightings and their options and also occurrences finding for all kinds of elements. I spent significant amount of time also fixing issues reported by users. That's great we have such a feedback even before we released first milestone!

Next step will be to open the door to the smart code completion and later interoperability between Groovy and Java in editor. With that in mind - I plan to drop standalone Groovy project and prefer Java SE project as main project type for Groovy development. Groovy will be extension to all NetBeans Java project types. What do you think? Is it a good step?

Btw. I am building one simple .com website in Grails and still wondering when some problem is going to happen. And still nothing. It's getting better and better every day, required changes are easy to implement, all functionality I need is provided by framework itself in some magic closure or tag, every line of Groovy code solves some business logic of my app and is so easy to read and write for poor Java guy... hmm, where's the problem?