Leaving NetBeans and Sun

Last week was the last one I spent on the NetBeans project and in the Sun Microsystems. I said goodbye after more than four years. I must say it was pleasure to work with all those smart people, interesting projects, vietnamese town lunches, JavaOne visits and incredible pessimism of abadea :-)

Anyway, I decided to find new cheese and I'll spend most of my time in the next months hacking server part of currently 2-tiered DB-Swing application. I'm really curious to see how I'll get used to permanent work-from-home and new server-side coding after such a long time spent mostly with the Java SE.

Now, what will happen with Groovy/Grails support in NetBeans? No worries, Petr Hejl is taking over and I must say that the code is in the best hands you could imagine. I am really looking forward NetBeans 7 (or whatever the version will be) and its Groovy/Grails features.

While speaking about Grails, I'm still wondering when the moment of disillusionment will come to me? I spent some significant time on one Grails-based web application, and 'Wow!' is still the only interjection I can use!