G1 delivered and unlocked

Today I received UPS package with my new G1 with the Android on board. Oh, I love that thing! When I look at my old Nokia E61 now, it's feels so... crappy, especially Symbian compared to Android. Anyway, G1 hardware feels much better in hand than on the pictures, in fact it's perfect. One important thing I had to do was to unlock it, because I am not T-Mobile customer here in Czech republic, but I use O2 network. Of course I found www.unlock-tmobileg1.com site that claims that they are able to provide you the unlock code based on IMEI of your phone for $23.99. I was little bit afraid, because several blogs stated that GMail account and Market app will stop working probably, but on the other hand it seemed to me to be just some stupid rumor from somebody who forgot to change Access Point after he unlocked phone for his other provider. So at 5:44PM I ordered the code, paid with PayPal and at 7:32PM I received email with it, unlocked phone and now I am online under O2 (using GMail and Market happily of course). Of course, I'll play with nbandroid and try to deploy apps directly from NetBeans.