One of the differences between my old Nokia E61 and new G1 is that G1 (or Android, to be more precise) does not ask me whether or not I want to connect to internet. Well, I have unlimited data plan (hmm, with 150MB FUP), but if you are in the roaming, with disabled roaming data access in phone's settings, some 3rd party applications can still access the internet. Not just for that reason (I wanted to have control over it anyway) I started to modify my APN settings by changing access point name by appending some character whenever I wanted to be sure phone is offline. Later I created small utility for that to do that on one click for me. Just 2 days ago I decided to sign up for the Android Market and publish my applications there under name APNdroid. Interesting experience, I must say.

Some idiots are having great fun commenting on applications with 'First!' or with even unrelated posts about whatever on earth. Also, I never realized that user could install my application, disable internet and the uninstall it. Then they were offline and without WiFi connection or APN settings knowledge they were not able to fix it. Some crazy things like hard-resetting the phone and calling T-Mobile support were reported. Ouch! Sorry about that, guys! I already wanted to put application down from the store, but then I received some very positive feedback, so I added big warning in application description for now. I am not able to figure out how can I listen in application on its removal from system, but I'll keep researching on that. Let's have a look at the APNdroid in few screenshots. It's dead simple, so don't expect anything bombastic :-)

This is all of the application's interface (icon, and one screen). Once the button is selected, you have to wait for a while as system needs to respond to the change and it might take few seconds (it's not in my control, change done by APNdroid is just cause of the system event).

And here the Android system settings with modified APNs. You can fix names by yourself if you uninstalled APNdroid with disconnected internet. You can find it under Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Acces Point Names. As you can see, only thing application does is appending 'apndroid' suffix to name of all APNs in your system.