New update and issue tracking for nbandroid

I just pushed new update (0.2) to nbandroid update center, so you should get an update notification in NetBeans or you can invoke it directly by clicking Help -> Check for updates. This update contains several bugfixes and few enhancements like displaying AndroidManifest.xml in project view.

If you clicked on the bugs link above, you could see that there's no Bugzilla, but JIRA instead. Hurray! Kenai guys prepared nice gift for project admins, so my big thanks goes to them. As nbandroid doesn't have that many bugs, I migrated them all to JIRA (just one or two unimportant attachments are lost) and now you can enjoy much better experience in bug tracking. I am sure it was not just poor integration of Bugzilla into Kenai, JIRA simply feels much better. In fact this was my biggest pain in using Kenai for project hosting. Now I just wish they provide support for closed source projects.