Some stats

Since wednesday I am down in my bed with high temperature, feeling quite bad. Today I am able to get online for a while. I thought it might be a good opportunity to find the time to write new post.

Shortly after last post, I changed APNdroid again. First, now it is pure toggle - after you press it's icon, notification with appropriate icon will appear in status bar. Once you want more details, just open the notification. I am pretty happy with this behavior and it also seems to fit in Android quite well. Another change I made is that now not just name of APN is changes but also APN type (last item in APN settings). I added this on request from several users reporting that under some carriers APN name is ignored and APN is still used to connect to internet. Change of APN type is resolving this.

Let's have a look at some statistics about APNdroid. First, it really doesn't break the records in downloads, but what makes me feel good is feedback from users. You can read some comments on Cyrket. Also rating (4.27 out of 5) feels good. Now to the number of downloads. This is how it looks in Android Market developer console right now:

I am tracking downloads since mid-February and on graph it looks like this:

Do you see that dramatic change? That's what happened when Market started to support update notifications. What is also interesting, number of active installs jumped from 33% to 50% constantly.