I have published my new app to the Android Market. It is called Appicker. Its purpose is to help you to find and launch any application on your Android device as quickly as possible.

I have created it because I feel lost in the app drawer. I mean, it is so uncomfortable for me to scroll down there and find what I want. Of course, there are other ways to launch apps - icons on desktops and also search widget that can be configured to search apps by default. But I have a problem with those - I prefer less icons on desktop and search widget's virtual keyboard takes too much space and you need one more tap and maybe even scroll to get to the application you want.

My goal was to create app, that would allow me to find and launch app in as few taps as possible. I made it to 3:

  1. launch appicker
  2. tap the first letter of the app on Appicker letterbar
  3. tap the app to launch it

As you can see, I was inspired by the iPhone contacts browsing and used the letterbar on the right side. You can tap it, but you can also swipe it to browse the letters very quickly. Also, when you launch Appicker it does not know which letter should be selected, so I decided to put 9 most used apps on the first screen. Those are apps, that you are launching most using Appicker.

Sure, this app won't fit everybody. Different people are used to different things. For me application drawer doesn't exist anymore :-) I still need to work on the performance for some older devices (on my Nexus One it is super-fast) and I would like to experiment with the UI and maybe enhance things here and there. I am waiting for you suggestions. Enjoy!