Android apps download numbers

After releasing Appicker I was very curious to see what will be the adoption, how much it will be downloaded. I have a simple spreadsheet where I track numbers from Android Market dev console. Right now I am on 40 daily downloads and that's still influenced by the fact that I released update two days ago. Before update it was 23 downloads a day. That sucks, to be honest :-)

That sucks because I compare it to the APNdroid which has about 4300 downloads a day (and 730.000 total). So I had that idea to put some promotion of Appicker to APNdroid description on Market. I think that moved it from 13 to 23 per day. I expected way much higher impact.

Of course, I don't think Appicker is the most useful app for everybody out there, but don't you think promoting on such a visible place could have higher impact? Strange. At least for downloads, then it could be uninstalled if it is not interesting. Maybe I should do better job with app description.

And that leads me to the question - what are your experiences with fresh apps? How do you promote? How often do you tune the description? What else do you do? Share your thoughts.