JSON parsers performance on Android (with warmup and multiple iterations)

My recent posts on JSON parsers performance on Android platform were followed by some nice feedback. But to be honest, the previous version of the code was not exactly optimal. As @cowtowncoder pointed out in comments, there were several problems.

First and most stupid was that I was using very poor implementation of input reading for Android built-in parser. Now after change in the code, this parser is no longer the slowest one. Next problem was that I did not do any warm-up before actual test were executed. Next Tatu suggested to try to run tests in multiple iterations, so I am running them now 1, 5 and 100 times. I'm also using Jackson factory as static singleton, which is recommended.

Now, let's see actual results as they appear now:

So it's Jackson, what you should use if you need really fast reading of JSON data. All the code is up on GitHub.