Game Dev Diary: Competition and first screenshot

In last few days I focused on abstraction of the game world codebase. I wanted to provide alternative game mode where cannon will not move under the flying target, but will always stand in the center and shoot from there. The point is that I would like to provide few alternative worlds that have not just different skin for the background and all the objects, but also movement method, targeting etc. That is done in some simple way, but more work will be done on this as requirements will change over time.

So there is nothing unexpected on the code level, but I experienced major WTF moment today on marketing side of the thing. Having a cup of coffee with my Android dev friend Jozef today, he asked me whether there is really no competition on the Market. I said there is not, because I did some searches in the past and I have never found anything. So he took his phone, searched for about 10 seconds and presented me with at least 3 direct competitors. I considered myself experienced searcher, but that is not the case anymore. I searched for 'type to shoot', 'word shooter' etc and he simply used 'typing game'. Shit, what can I say. I am not worried about the competition that much, because I believe in execution rather than in original idea, but this kept me thinking what's wrong with me, for a while.

So here is the first screenshot of the game, now that it is not secret anymore (did I just say I didn't believe in original idea?):

As you can see, this is shooter where targets are words and shooting is performed by writing those words on the keyboard, one letter at a time. This is of course only graphics-free dev version (though I am considering also retro-look levels). Looking at the competitors, there is nothing close to what I want to achieve at the end, so let's keep coding!