Game Dev Diary: Defining World

Since the latest update I had very few moments to work on the game. I made some refactorings to move away from prototype stage, but I spent quite some time thinking about how the game should look. I was thinking about the design, whether it should contain different visual styles for diferent levels, or what exactly is the single game level. So far I am planning 3 styles of game:

  • Words per minute (or characters per minute) record breaking
  • arcade mode with some bombs and few more surprises
  • multiplayer where you will write words for your opponent and shooting his words at the same time

It is not all well defined yet and I will have to keep it simple from beginning, because I really want to make the release one day, not just add features forever. I welcome all ideas and suggestions you may have.

I started to do some experiments with the look of the world and I came to the world of planes. I was thinking about objects that would allow naturally to paint words on them and plane's wings seems like a good place. For shorter words I may use some balloons and smaller planes. I have already wowking nice parallax scrolling with earth and planes. I will add clouds below and above the planes too.

Of course, this looks ugly. Both planes and background are just dummy placeholders, but scrolling feels really good. For the beginning I used static bitmap with some circles, but today I was researching procedural generation of the landscape and clouds for more realistic environment. I have something working already, but this will require quite a lot of time. My hope is to have really good looking world there.