APNdroid was downloaded 2 million times already

Today APNdroid reached crazy milestone of 2 million downloads from the Android Market. It's amazing to see so many people install and use it all the time. There are more than 5,500 new installs every day. The crazy thing is that it keeps up with Android grow and APNdroid is installed on 1% of those 550.000 daily activated new Android phones!

So what's next? New major release ia almost ready, you can install Beta right now. Few strings need to be translated to all the additional languages and that's probably it. If somebody wants to help with the translation of those few words in his own language, contributions are welcomed!

APNdroid Pro version will follow soon, but this time there will be more than just removed ads as added value. Pro version will include native switch for disabling mobile data, integrated with the system settings. It works quickly and reliably and it finally should work also on CDMA phones. Because the troubleshooting is the most common support request, I will also add some diagnostics to the Pro version.

I hope that by providing some additional functionality I will be able to increase the conversion from the free to paid app, which is right now less than 1%. I will write some follow-up post on this topic once I will have same data.